How to Win at Slot Machines

Many of the first time players of slot machines were diabolical. They seemed to know the internal details of every machine and no matter in what denomination they played in, they boasted at the Nasdaq Stock Market how to beat slot machines.

Even in their wildest dreams the machines were not that beatable. The internal details of almost every machine are programmed such that the house has a long term advantage over the player. The casino will win your money if you play long enough, but you will not win it back. In the short term the casino does win, but you will not win back your money from the casino.

The casino learns it young. They expose young kids to see how it is done and they promise them that it will all change, but it never does. Slot machines are a way to teach you to think about the game. Anyone can learn the strategies, but to win at this game, you have to apply what you learned over a long period of time.

You may ask, “How do I win at the slot machines?” The answer is that there are things that you must do before you even think about scratching the coin, scratching the felt, pulling the arm – anything that you can do to start winning at these machines, will mean winning at the long term play.

The first thing to do is to purchase a reputable strategy that will show you how to win at slots. Do you know what the first thing is that a qualified dealer will tell you to do? When you buy a strategy that will teach you how to win at slot machines, you really are buying into a long term strategy for continuous play.

In other words, you are building on a brick, and that brick is your strategy. The thing is, we know that the slot machine companies, online casinos, etc, have spent millions of dollars researching, developing, and testing these machines. They are constantly changing them to keep people playing, busy, happy, tired, and generally making lots of money.

They have to keep you playing and they have found that the best way to do it is to play them longer. The reason is simple, it’s another way of getting you to think about your game and the holes in it. Once again, the casino wins, but you don’t, so won’t play them as long or as far apart from your basic strategy.

What I do recommend is that you play these machines longer to be able to take notes on the different pieces of software, the random number generator, and the patterns and intervals that the software will create. I have been playing these for over three years now, and have yet to see a machine that I can’t find on the Internet.

It is really about knowing the patterns and the areas that you are going to play, and knowing when it’s time to stop. One strategy that I use to win is called the “impulse response strategy”. I won’t fully wax technical about it because people find it intriguing, but it is relatively simple.

Basically, just play a bunch of slot machines that have the highest payout, for a while, and then stop. You should notice a lot of patterns and responds, especially because those machines are going to be paying out very soon. Here’s a small example of this technique.

I was playing on a $1, $2, and $5 machine in front of me. Today, there are seven people playing at the exact same machine. I’m playing at the exact same machine. Within 15 minutes, I have made back all my losses, and the $5 machine has exhausted its bankroll. Today is my day. I squeeze the $50 out of the $1 and $2 machines and head to the $10 machine. Only one person plays at the $10 machine. Five minutes later, $50 in your hand, trip the next hour. You head home with $60.

The $10 machine doesn’t even ringing or buzzing once. Your $50 puts you in the money slot and you get a $10 bill. You think to yourself, “Thank you, thank you America.”


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